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A shining

et verk av Marianne Heske Marianne Heske
5. December–​7. December
Scene 2
1 h 30 min

Jon Fosse’s masterpiece in a different kind of Christmas concert

The Engegård Quartet, actress Gjertrud Jynge and visual artist Marianne Heske are joining forces in this concert performance based on Jon Fosse’s Septology.

The Story about Asle 

“The aging painter Asle has no more paintings to paint and this year, has agreed for the first time to celebrate Christmas with his neighbour Åsleik. Every year, he has painted on Christmas eve, in an attempt to paint away all the pictures in his head and to avoid thinking painful thoughts. Such as about his wife Ales, who died and left him much too early. But a bastard is born in a stable and sure enough, it is at the darkest of times that light can be seen. 

Chamber music and video painting 

Noble prize winner Jon Fosse wrote Septology in the years 20192021. Actress Gjertrud Jynge from the Norwegian Theatre has now adapted the novel for a concert. Together with the Engegård Quartet, she is treating the audience to the premiere performance of a different kind of Christmas concert. Hear the story about Asle set to chamber music ranging from old to modern and from popular to sacred. A video painting by visual artist Marianne Heske visually accompanies the performance.  

About Septology 

Septology was published by Det Norske Samlaget in three books and is considered Jon Fosse’s masterpiece as a writer and playwright. The series of novels consists of seven chapters numbered in Roman numerals and compressed into three volumes. The first two chapters were published in 2019 under the title The Other Name Septology III. In 2020, I am another Septology IIIV was published and the final volume, A new name Septology VIVII came out in 2021. The books have been awarded the Brage Prize, Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature, Literature Prize and two nominations for the Booker Prize. 





  • Participants
    The Engegård Quartet
  • Actress
    Gjertrud Jynge
  • Visual artist
    Marianne Heske
370 kr
  • Thursday 5. December
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 7. December
    15:00 / Scene 2