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Photo: Henrik Hellström
11. October–​12. October
Scene 2
1 h

A hair appointment like no other

Welcome to Sindri Runudde’s choregraphic hair salon – where your inner demons can take a seat, be shared and celebrated!


A social space 

I Cosmetic Demons: A Choreographic Salon is a hair salon where gossip, emotions and personal processes are given free reign. In front of the hairdressing chairs – where mirrors are normally found – are dancers. Three hairdressers, three customers and three dancers play out a choreographic idea in the form of a fictitious hair salon. 

Get a glimpse into a social space where the intimacy between hairdresser and customer is at the very heart of the relationship and where imagination and dreams are woven together with concrete encounters. 

Dark humour 

The concept behind Cosmetic Demons is inspired by a meditative and therapeutic exercise called ‘feeding your demons’. Choreographer Sindri Runudde takes a playful approach and uses joy, fiction and fashion as tools, paired with darker and more complex experiences at the hair salon. And as always, with a skewed perspective on the situation. 

This includes exploring the senses of the human body and this time, it is the 666th sense that is under scrutiny: the bloody sense of humour! 

Om Sindri Runudde Hide Show more

Swedish Sindri Runudde is an internationally based dancer and choreographer who studied new circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts and not only works with sound and visual arts, but also choreographic material. As a freelance dancer, Sindri has worked for such choreographers and companies as Stina Nyberg, Carl Olof Berg, Skånes Dansteater, Ben Wright and the Candoco Dance Company. 

Sindri’s own work takes a queer-feministic perspective and incorporates experiences with having a visual impairment. 

  • The performance is co-produced by Dansens Hus Stockholm, Inkonst and NorrlandsOperan.
  • Made possible with support from the Swedish Art Grants Committee, Nordic Culture Fund and Region Skåne.

Kunstnerisk team og medvirkende

  • Koreografi og tekst
    Sindri Runudde
  • Repetitør og kunstnerisk assistent
    Maia Means
  • Dansere
    Linn Ranarsson, Olivier Muller og Víctor Pérez Armero
  • Dramaturg og ytre øye
    Halla Ólafsdóttir
  • Komponist og lyddesign
    Andreas Tilliander
  • Lysdesign
    Jonatan Winbo
  • Scenografi og kostymer
    Hanna Kisch & Sindri Runudde
  • Co-produsenter
    Dansens Hus Stockholm, Inkonst og Norrlandsoperan
195–370 kr
  • Friday 11. October
    18:30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 12. October
    19:00 / Scene 2