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The Munich

18. October–​20. October
Scene 2
1 h 10 min

Under the skin of Ibsen’s female figures

In this performance, presented as part of the Coda Oslo International Dance Festival, choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard probes beneath the surface of some of Ibsen’s most iconic women.

Henrik Ibsen’s Rosmersholm, The Lady from the Sea and Hedda Gabler are often called the Munich trilogy and portray his most iconic female figures: Rebekka West, Elida Wangel and Hedda Gabler.

It is precisely these three works that form the backdrop for Bjørnsgaard’s profound dance work – about the choices we make and how they affect us. Audiences and critics alike were thrilled when her version of the Munich trilogy was launched in 2019.

This autumn, the critically acclaimed production is returning to the Oslo Opera House – and like last time, dancers Camilla Spidsøe and Ole Willy Falkhaugen will be on stage together with the National Theatre’s actress Andrine Sæther and a string quartet form the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra.

A force field of a performance

Dagsavisen, Inger Marie Kjølstadmyr (2019) 

Ingun Bjørnsgaard is one of our most accomplished and experienced choreographers and she always creates a completely unique and fascinating universe on stage. Her previous works have also been based on Ibsen dramas – including Hedda for Ballet de Lorraine and Rotating Nora for Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt.

Tears Ibsen to shreds

Vårt Land (2019)

Camilla Spidsøe made an indelible impression as Fru Alving in the successful National Ballet performance of Ibsen’s Ghost. Throughout her long career, she has been considered one of Norway’s foremost dancers, performing for many years in Carte Blanche and the Norwegian National Ballet.  In 2019, she was awarded the Aase Byes Minnepris, one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on a Norwegian stage artist.


Henrik Ibsen’s famous ‘Munich trilogy’ (published from 1886-1890) portrays some of his most iconic female figures: Rebekka West (Rosmersholm), Elida Wangel (The Lady from the Sea) and Hedda Gabler.

A carefully chosen selection of our most prominent dance and stage artists seek out [...] and modernise the interpretations and personifications of this time, not as a comment on dance’s relationship to literature or ‘the story’, but rather as a pivot point for exploring today’s shifting and vulnerable femininity.


The production is produced by the National Ballet in partnership with the National Theatre and performed as part of the CODA Oslo International Dance Festival.
370 kr
  • Friday 18. October
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 19. October
    14:00 / Scene 2
  • Sunday 20. October
    18:30 / Scene 2