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Jo Strømgren Kompani:

The Hat

Svart hvitt bilde av en mann med hatt. Funnet på loftet til koreografen Jo Strømgren The Hat / Photo: ukjent
26. October–​29. October
Scene 2
1 h 5 min

Dance about fading memories

The Hat honours the 50th anniversary of the Polish Dance Theatre and is all about how we relate to memories that are starting to fade.

How are our memories affected by nostalgia and subjective memory? And how are these memories interpreted in different ways by different people? In Jo Strømgren’s new work, the ability of dance to express vague feelings and associative lines of thought is cultivated in a performance with a major international ensemble of dancers. For those who would like to see more dancing in Strømgren’s performances, this is a golden opportunity.  

The last time the Polish Dance Theatre collaborated with the Jo Strømgren Kompani was on Czterdziesci, performed at the Oslo Opera House in 2013 and which continues to tour around the world.   

Polish Dance Theatre in partnership with the Jo Strømgren Kompani 

Kunstnerisk team og medvirkende

  • Choreography, set design
    Jo Strømgren
  • Costume design
    Bregje van Balen 
  • Lighting design
    Przemysław Gapczyński 
  • Music
    Mr. Enirbod, Abe Schwarz, Bergmund Waal Skaslien, Kevin Keller m. fl.
  • Choreographic assistant
    Rebecca Hoback 
  • Dancers from Polish Dance Theatre
    Evelyn Blue, Kacper Bożek, Momoko Den, Julia Hałka, Patryk Jarczok, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Mateusz Krzysiak , Katarzyna Kulmińska, Dominik Kupka, Aleksandra Kuś, Daniel Michna, Jinwoo NamKung, Sandra Szatan, Zofia Tomczyk , Emily Wong-Adryańczyk
350 kr
  • Thursday 26. October
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Friday 27. October
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 28. October
    14:00 / Scene 2
  • Sunday 29. October
    15:00 / Scene 2