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Jo Strømgren kompani:


23. May–​26. May
Scene 2
1 h

Time to go to the basement

In the basement we find three dead bodies and a lone autopsy technician. The job seems as pointless as life out there among the living. But then.

The autopsy technician.

The purpose of her work seems just as pointless as her personal life. If only she could find a match out there, to fulfil her dreams and desires. However, hitting rock bottom makes you see things in new ways. Maybe the answer is right in front of her nose?    

The Basement is the second production in a trilogy scrutinizing and questioning different complications in love. The first production, The Loft, portrayed the unflattering consequences of love getting sour. The Basement treats the dilemma of searching for love versus letting love find you. The last production, Stuen, will focus on roleplay, the praised but rather dangerous method for renewing any relationship. As love between females is not a mainstream topic in dance, Jo Strømgren kompani hopes this trilogy will be a solid contribution.     

Artistic team and cast

  • Choreography, set design
    Jo Strømgren
  • Composer
    Bergmund Waal Skaslien 
  • Costume design
    Bregje van Balen
  • Lighting design
    Jan Harald Ovrum 
  • Co-producer
    The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
  • Dancers
    Henriette Hamli, Nora Svendgaard, Anna Benedicte Andresen, Malika Berney
350 kr
  • Thursday 23. May
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Friday 24. May
    19:30 / Scene 2
  • Saturday 25. May
    18:30 / Scene 2
  • Sunday 26. May
    15:00 / Scene 2