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Frequently asked questions


Opening hours
Purchasing tickets
Disability access
Inside the Opera House

If you don't find what you are looking for here, please contact us at or by phone (+47) 21 42 21 21.

Opening hours


  • Monday–Saturday: 11–22 hrs (or until the end of the performance)
  • Sunday: 12–22 hrs (or until the end of the performance)

Box office / Shop 

  • Monday–Saturday: 11–16 hrs (or until last intermission of the perfomances)
  • Sunday: 12–16 hrs (or until last intermission of the perfomances)

Usually the Box Office is open until the last performance has started.

Phone: (+47) 21 42 21 00

  • Monday–Friday 11–16 hrs
  • Saturday with performances 11–16 hrs
  • Sunday with performances 12–16 hrs

Reception/Switchboard: (+47) 21 42 21 21

  • Monday–Friday 9–16 hrs
  • Saturday with performances 11–16 hrs
  • Sunday with performances 12–16 hrs

Sanguine Brasserie

  • Mon–Sun 12–20 (or until the end of the performance)

Sanguine Bar

  • Mon–Sat 11–21
  • Sun 12–21

Seafood restaurant Havsmak

  • Tues-Fri 16–23
  • Sat 13–23


How to get here

In the area around the Oslo Central Station, Tollboden and Bjørvika, a number of buses and trams stop, in addition to the metro. Check Ruter for itineraries and stops.

Is bicycle parking available at the Oslo Opera House?

Bicycle parking is available along Operagaten, and on the south side of the Oslo Opera House.

Where can we park the car?

The closest car parks are located in Sørenga and Prinsens gate, and at Oslo Central Station (by the Airport Express Train terminal / taxi rank).

Is disabled parking available?

Disabled parking spaces are available in Operagaten to the north of the building, 150 meters from the marble bridge into the Oslo Opera House. 


Purchasing tickets

Do I need to print my ticket?

You can print your ticket or show it on your mobile. 

What should I do if I am unable to find my ticket?

As long as we have registered who has purchased the ticket (name, e-mail and/or telephone number), we will be able to issue you with a new ticket. Call +47 21 42 21 21, contact the box office or log in if you have created a profile. 

Can I pay using a foreign credit card?

You can pay for tickets on using your Visa or MasterCard. However, not all foreign cards will be approved on – due to security reasons the card’s country of issue and the country of the computer’s IP address must be the same. This is to prevent the fraudulent use of foreign cards, and we therefore thank you for your understanding. If you have problems completing your payment, please contact Customer service on (+47) 21 42 21 21. 

What discounts do you offer?

Children (up to 18 years): 50 %. Tickets must also be purchased for children seated on an accompanying adult’s lap.
Students: 50 % 
Senior citizens: 20 % (from 67 years of age or with valid ID)
Group 10+: 15 %

Disability access

Can I enter the foyer using my wheelchair?

An entrance suitable for wheelchair users is located by the main entrance, on the far left. 

Are wheelchair spaces available in the auditoriums?

There are some wheelchair spaces available. Contact the box office or call +47  21 42 21 21 to order.

Inside the Opera House

Is there a staffed cloakroom?

No, the cloakroom is unstaffed and all items are left here at your own risk. However, a curtain is pulled down during the performance, and partially opened during the interval(s).

May I leave my bag in the cloakroom?

We have lockable lockers in the cloakroom area. These work with 10 kroner coins (or tokens available at the ticket office). We have no space for suitcases, so for large items please use the baggage storage facilities at Oslo Central Station.


You will find them in the foyer, both by the cloakroom and by the Stage 2 entrance. There are also toilets on the balconies.

Are there any restaurants at the Oslo Opera House?

The Oslo Opera House features two restaurants: the seafood restaurant Havsmak (located next to the Second Stage to the left of the main entrance) and the Sanguine Brasserie, which serve both lunch and dinner. In the summer outdoor seating is available, with views of the fjord.
Bars are also located outside the Havsmak restaurant and on the first and second balconies. The balcony bars are only open during intervals.

Interval refreshments can also be ordered at the bars prior to the performance.

Where do I collect the food and drink I have ordered for the interval?

Food and drink is placed on the bar counter in the foyer, directly next to the Sanguine Brasserie, or in the bar on the 1st balcony if you have ordered there. Orders are sorted alphabetically by surname.

What do I do if I have lost or forgotten something in the Opera?

If you have forgotten or lost something while you have been at the Opera, you must call 21 42 21 21 or write to

What happens if I'm late?

The performances begin precisely, and the doors are closed both out of consideration for the audience and for the artists on stage. If you arrive late, you can follow the performance on the monitor on the 1st balcony, until the first break.

Can I take photos or film during the performance?

It is not permitted to photograph, film or make sound recordings during the performance, because this disturbs both other guests and the performers.

How can I prepare for the performance?

1 hour before the performances on the Main Stage, there is a free introductory lecture in the Communication Centre – but only in Norwegian