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The Norwegian National Opera

The National Opera is Norway's only professional opera ensemble, with 7 permanent soloists, in addition to 5 internships for young singers who have recently completed their opera education. In addition, the National Opera engages a number of national and international guest soloists each season. Both the Opera Choir and the Children's Choir participate in opera performances, with 53 and 80 choristers respectively.

The Norwegian National Opera was founded in 1959 with Kirsten Flagstad as its first Director. 

The International Opera Award 2015 awarded its accessibility prize to The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. The jury was utterly taken with the institution’s cultivation of openness, reflected not only in its beautifully designed house but also in the way it strives to make live opera available and appealing to new audiences on its stage. 

The National Opera collaborates with Opera Vision, an international partnership with other opera houses on the digital display of operas. The collaborative opera houses receive EU funds for the productions shown.
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